Friday, July 01, 2011

This Weekend Only: 4th of July Blowout!

From the Genealogical Publishing Company:

This Weekend Only!
Fourth of July Blowout!
This week our "Today Only" sale has been extended throughout the holiday weekend. To mark this year's July 4th celebration, we are discounting 13 of our best Revolutionary War books by 40% or more below the original retail price. From battles along the Upper Ohio to the Carolinas, from pension lists to bounty land grants and state service records, our Independence Day Sale has something to offer virtually anyone having an interest in the Revolutionary War and its genealogy.

These sale prices will remain in effect until midnight EDT, July 4, 2011. Scroll down and see if you don't agree that our Independence Day Sale is simply too good to miss!

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants Awarded by State Governments The nine states that awarded bounty land created a patchwork of records, and it was therefore no easy task to create this master index. Typically, however, each entry in this index contains the name of the claimant, who is usually the veteran, the state of service, the rank held, the date of the record, and the acreage. Altogether about 35,000 names appear in the index, including duplicates.
Was $50.00   Now $29.95

Virginia Soldiers of 1776. Compiled from Documents . . . in the Virginia Land Office. Three Volumes This work is based on bounty warrants, military certificates, exchange warrants, and land vouchers that establish absolute proof of Virginia Revolutionary War service and descent of bounty land. Annexed to these claims are certificates of heirship, wills, and powers of attorney, and dates of birth and death and place of residence of the Revolutionary soldier. Further information includes the number of the warrant, exact number of acres granted, and date issued.
Was $150.00/set    Now $89.95/set

American Migrations 1765-1799. The lives, times, and families of colonial Americans who remained loyal to the British Crown before, during and after the Revolutionary War . . . This work is based on the records of the American Claims Commission, which was responsible for compensating Loyalists for loss of land and property as a result of action taken against them before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. In all, the author has transcribed 5,800 individual claims--the entire contents of the papers of the Claims Commission. Of the 15,000 individuals recorded in this work, some three-quarters took up residence outside the United States after 1783--hence the title of the work--but the remainder, including many who had been classed as Loyalists, became honorable citizens of the new Republic.
Was $85.00    Now $49.95

Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution, April 1775 to December 1783 This is the standard reference work on the officers of the Revolutionary War, containing an alphabetically arranged list, with service records, of 14,000 officers of the Continental Army, including many officers of the Militia and State Troops who served during the Revolution. The information given includes the soldier's rank, dates of service, when and where wounded, taken prisoner, exchanged, or killed, etc., with the name of the state in which service was rendered and a designation of company and command.
Was $49.95    Now $29.95

West Virginians in the American Revolution The Revolutionary War soldiers identified in this work lived at one time or another in what is now the State of West Virginia, their military duties having been discharged in the service of other states. The data given for each soldier typically includes the name, age, date of birth, service record, date pension applied for and granted, place of residence, names of wife and children, and comrades-in-arms.
Was $29.50    Now $17.50

Muster Rolls and Other Records of Service of Maryland. Troops in the American Revolution, 1775-1783 This is the standard on the more than 20,000 Maryland troops in the Revolutionary War. The records drawn on for this compilation derive chiefly from muster rolls, payrolls, and Land Office records, thus rendering evidence of unassailable authority for Continental service in the American Revolution. The book generally includes full name, rank, dates of enlistment and discharge, and miscellaneous remarks such as whether wounded, killed, or missing.
Was $60.00    Now $34.95

Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution. In Two Volumes Now available in two volumes, this paperback work ties up the whole elusive body of documents and printed sources related to the more than 20,000 rank and file South Carolina soldiers who made up the battle lines in an untold number of skirmishes with the British and the Tories. The information is arranged in paragraph form under the name of the soldier and includes some or all of the following details: dates of enlistment, service, battles, and skirmishes; names of commanding officers; names or designation of military unit; rank attained; notations indicating whether the soldier was wounded, killed or taken prisoner; source citations; and, in the case of data deriving from federal pension files or state annuity claims, dates and places of birth and death, names of wives and children, and places of residence before and after the War.
Was $80.00    Now $47.95

Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution The most complete military roster for the state, this monumental work contains the names of approximately 36,000 soldiers from North Carolina who served during the Revolution. Service records include such information as rank, company, date of enlistment or commission, period of service, combat experience, and whether captured, wounded, or killed.
Was $52.50    Now $30.00

Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama This alphabetical list of Alabama's Revolutionary War soldiers, with genealogical information such as age, place of residence, rank, line, and, in some cases, names of wives, dates of marriage, and names of children, is the premier sourcebook on its subject.
Was $16.50    Now $9.50

The Pension Roll of 1835. In Four Volumes The Pension Roll of 1835 is the most complete roll of Revolutionary War pensioners ever published. Compiled by the War Department under Senate resolutions of 1834-35 from lists of pensioners who had been enrolled under all previous acts of Congress, as well as from replacement records for those lists of pensioners that had been destroyed in fires at the War Department in 1801 and 1814, it contains the names and service records of approximately 60,700 soldiers, both regulars and militia.
Was $250.00/set   Now $149.95/set

Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio, 1779-1781 This collection of original documents chronicles two critical years of the Revolutionary War along the western frontier of the United States. The central figure in the book is Col. Daniel Brodhead, the commandant at Fort Pitt. Most of the action described in the correspondence and other documents unfolds in the frontier communities of Fort Pitt, Fort Vincennes, Detroit, Wheeling, and other places in western Pennsylvania, southwestern Virginia, and Kentucky. Genealogists will find numerous references to the thousands of settlers who flocked into the region at this time, despite the threat of Indian reprisal.
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Some Tennessee Heroes of the Revolution Based on the Invalid Lists of 1806 and the Pension Lists of 1818, 1832, and 1840, this book supplies--in addition to name, age, service, residence, and source of information--the date of the pension application, date and place of birth, service record, names of all family members cited in the pension statement, and place or places of migration to, from, or within Tennessee.
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"Death Seem'd to Stare": The New Hampshire and Rhode Island Regiments at Valley Forge Joseph Boyle's informative Introduction to this work traces the service of the New Hampshire and Rhode Island regiments before and after they joined General Washington in November 1777. The core of the book consists of an alphabetical list in excess of 2,500 New Hampshire and Rhode Island soldiers abstracted from Revolutionary War muster and payrolls. Each patriot is identified by name, rank, date, and term of enlistment or commission, names of regiment and company, and a variety of supporting details, such as date of furlough or discharge, when wounded, when and where promoted, etc.
Was $22.50    Now $12.95