Thursday, July 14, 2011

IYC 1985: Sunday, July 14th - Near Rapid City, SD to near Mukwonago, WI

Ate breakfast in Jacksonville, SD at an A&W after leaving camp at 3 AM. Had a time change after we left Rapid City. Went thru Minnesota, crossed the Mississippi [River] and ate dinner at LaCrosse, Wisconsin as we didn't stop for a formal lunch all day. Arrived  at Army Lake Camp near Mukwonago, Wisconsin at about 9:45 pm. Wasn't an exciting day but it was fun because we played games and listened to music & played Trivial Pursuit over the CB [between our three vehicles]. [The passengers in] Our van got goffy and put our pillowcases over our heads, sat all in the same seat, waved our feet at people, gave strange waves with the palms of our hands, scrunched our faces against the windows, hid in the seats and "talked with our hands" to passing cars. It really helped to pass the time. [Obviously, there weren't strict seat belt laws at that time!] Our van is really fun, because everybody is quick at rest and gas stops, we don't argue or quarrel and we all have a good time.

 Mark and Tanya

 Mark and Tanya, with Mike and Chris sleeping in the foreground

Good grief! I hope nobody thought we were KKK wannabes!

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