Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IYC 1985: Saturday, July 13th - Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, MT to near Rapid City, SD

Stopped at Custer's Last Stand at the Battle of the Little Big Horn [Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument].
"Know the power that is peace" --Black Elk
Written in Sioux and English

 Left Montana and cut across Wyoming into South Dakota. Stopped at Deadwood City, home of Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock, Preacher Smith, Poker Alice and visited by Buffalo Bill Cody.

 Tanya and Eddie


Went to Mt. Rushmore.


 L to R: David, Chris, Kevin B. Dawn, Mark, Eddie...not sure if others to right of Eddie are part of our group. Notice we are at the Washington State flag.
 L to R: Tanya, Randi, Andrea, Dawn, Sharalyn

Stayed the night at Black Hills [Salvation] Army campground [near Rapid City] which had plumbing but no cabins. The ladies slept in the Olsenmobile, the girls in the vans, and the guys in the dining hall. During the day we had some switching around, but basically we're in the same traveling groups, with the exception of Chuck & Dawn who are riding in the other van.

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FranE said...

I can the genealogist... pictures of a graveyard. When my dad took me to Rapid City/Black Hills, he never thought about visiting a graveyard. :-) Interesting post.