Sunday, July 24, 2011

IYC 1985: Saturday, July 20th - Macomb, IL - Day 3 of IYC

Today we let Macomb have it! 5,000 delegates marched through the square, saluted the general and sang Army songs, dressed in traditional costume or uniform. It was 92+°F with nearly 100% humidity. I took a long, cool, refreshing shower when I got back. At the International Youth Year Spectacular a gala show titled S.A. 21 was performed by the Santa Ana, Ca. Corps. A tremendous, beautiful firework & laser show accompanied. It was the most fantastic thing I ever saw.

[Note: when the fireworks were lit, there were also firecrackers set off. A number of delegates from Central America started to panic, thinking it was gunfire. That made an impression on me, as I knew they probably lived in constant danger of guerrilla terrorists.]

Scenes from S.A. 21

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