Tuesday, July 12, 2011

IYC 1985: Friday, July 12th - Spokane, WA to Billings, MT

Getting ready (left to right): Bill D. (background), Todd, Mike D. (background), Larry Ruff, Maryanne Ruff, Mark, Ruth R, Linda

 The blue van and U-Haul, with the Olsenmobile in the background

 Mike O. with the white van and U-Haul

Left the corps [church] at 7:16 p.m. I'm riding in blue van with Bill [Dickinson] & Todd taking turns driving...Our group is Bill & Mary, Todd & Ruth, Chuck & Dawn, myself, Mike [Dickinson], Mark, David, Tanya & Chris. Dave took a turn riding in the Olsenmobile. Drove thru Idaho into Montana. Stopped in Missoula, Montana and saw Kathy Zimmerman [Char Hoogstad's sister who was working for The Salvation Army in the Missoula Corps.]. While there saw and drove by forest fire. Went over the Continental Divide. We are traveling all night & will eat breakfast in Billings, MT.

[Our delegation consisted of Majors Bill and Linda Nottle, Auxiliary Captains Bill and Mary Dickinson, Mike and Ruth Olsen, Dan and Char Hoogstad, Todd and Ruth (Nottle) Ruff, David Ruff, Mark Nottle, Mike Dickinson, Andrea Hoogstad, Chris Hoogstad, Sharalyn Murphy, Tanya Alexandrovich, Randi Anderson, Lisa Goodlake (who flew in and met us in St. Louis, MO), Kevin Bartlett, Kevin McLemore (from Great Falls, MT), Michelle Richardson, Eddie Hogan, Dawn Martin, and Churck Watson.  --Spokane Citadel Corps, Northwest Division, Western Territory, USA]

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