Friday, July 15, 2011

IYC 1985: Monday, July 15th - Near Mukwonago, WI to Bloomington, IL

David, Todd, Ruth R., Tanya and Andrea

 After a real nice breakfast at camp, the gang posed for photos on the double slide and played miniature golf Then we headed on out with the absence of Major & Mrs. Nottle who headed straight to Macomb for committee meetings for IYC. We arrived in Chicago around noon. Stopped first at Central THQ [Territorial Headquarters of The Salvation Army] and looked around. Bought a hatbox [for my uniform hat] & lintbrush [for my uniform] at Trade Dept. We then toured downtown after eating at Mickey D's. Rode the subway, and the "L".

 L to R: Kevin B., Mary, Bill D., Mike D., Tanya, David, Dawn

(in background, l to r: David, Ruth R.? Char, Bill D.)

Went to the top of the Sears Tower & to the Water Tower (Here's Chicago).

 At the top of the Sears Tower
L to R: Mike O., Sharalyn, Ruth O., Ruth R., Mary, Eddie?, Bill D.

L to R: David, Mark, Todd, Ruth R., Tanya, Dawn?

 Photos taken from the top of the Sears Tower

At the Water Tower saw Salvationists from Indonesia.

 Downtown Chicago

Salvation Army youth delegates from Indonesia with some of our group

Left the city at 4 pm. Arrived Bloomington 7:30-ish. Ate at Pizza Hut. Arrived at S.A. Sunnyside Center. Played video games, ping-pong, basketball, handball, skateboarded, tumbled, arm- and leg-wrestled, built a [human] pyramid.

 L to R: Ruth R., Dan, Ruth O.

 Playing basketball

Tanya, Ruth R.

L to R: Sharalyn, Andrea, Chris, Michelle, Randi

The center is really nice even tho' not really big. We're all sleeping in the gym.

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