Sunday, July 24, 2011

IYC 1985: Sunday, July 21st - Macomb, IL - Day 4 of IYC

This morning it drizzled during the holiness meeting. Before the general spoke, we were entertained by a short drama "Present Age." Since the air conditioner was so loud, I couldn't hear and so didn't understand it very well. Since it was so hot, some of us kids stayed in the dorm this afternoon in the lounge & "goofed around." This evening we went to the Gowans & Larson musical, "Man--Mark II." The acoustics & sound system were lousy, but the acting was superb.

 Man--Mark II

Later, at the dorm we had pizza, then sat around in the lounge again, and talked to kids from other territories & countries.

[Note: I think this was the day that some people in our group--who shall remain unnamed!-- decided to drop watermelon from the 11th--or was it the 15th?--floor of our dorm to "see what would happen! By the way, I was not in any way involved...honest!]


Dave from MA said...

I was there! IYC was awesome! Thanks for sharing your memories!

Miriam Robbins said...

You're welcome. Thank you for stopping by.