Sunday, July 17, 2011

IYC 1985: Tuesday, July 16th - Bloomington, IL to near Bourbon, MO

After breakfast at the center, we headed to St. Louis. Saw the Arch, downtown, the Mississippi [River] (again) and steamboats.

 Our group at the base of the Arch
Steamboats on the Mississippi River

 Miriam, Dawn, Andrea

Looking at downtown St. Louis from the Arch

The State Capitol Building

The Arch in profile

Then we headed to Six Flags Over the Midwest Amusement Park. I rode the Jet Scream twice, the Screaming Eagle and Thunder River thrice. also rode the Log flume, where Tanya, Ruth [R.], and I got our picture shot, and the time Tunnel which was really boring. Saw "Hooray USA" at the Palace theater and the U.S. High Diving Team Performance. Ate Nachos & Sopapillas at the Mexican Merrimack Restaurant. We were at Six Flags from 1:30 - 8:00. Went to S.A. Camp Mihaska out of Bourbon, MO, and found some Argentinan [sic]and Paraguayan delegates to IYC. They had a devotion which I greatly enjoyed, even tho' I couldn't understand much of the prayers. Sang some choruses which were familiar. The Argentines are very friendly and outgoing. They are very sincere Christians, also. I hope to see them again in Macomb.

My new Argentinian and Paraguayan friends in their cabin

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