Monday, July 18, 2011

IYC 1985: Thursday, July 18th - Macomb, IL - Day 1 of IYC

This morning at United Bible Session, Pres. Reagan sent a message via videotape. Col. Bramwell Tillsley gave the message. After lunch I went to the "Women in Ministry" seminar led by Mrs. Capt. Hal Smith. Then I saw the musical Ruth, by [Gwyneth and Robert] Redhead. It was very good. After dinner was the welcome rally. What a gala! Bands & timbrels, flag teams, national costumes, sky divers, pom poms, western skit, etc.

A man lands on the field with his parachute

Different countries' delgates

Balloons being released at the end of the field

 Then an evening snack provided thru Hardee's. Swimming followed, then Randi & I talked til nearly 2:30 am. Time for bed!


Barbz said...

Oh my! Seeing these pictures is amazing. I came over from the UK - a delegation of about 30 I think. I was one of the youngest and completely in awe of everything. I've looked through your pictures of the memorabilia and have a lot of the same stuff myself! I even have a botte of Coke in the attic, unopened. Goodness only knows what that would taste like?!
I remember the amazing fireworks & laser display; the SA21 'show' (I bought a cassette of that); Man Mark II in the the incredibly hot sports hall; the little bag we had on arrival with Avon cosmetics in; a bible; yellow neckerchief thingy! Oh, it's like it happened only last week!
I have been searching for info on this congress for some years, so to find this 'blog' is very satisfying.
Thank you
Barb Stringer-Smith

Miriam Robbins said...

Thank you for your kind comments, Barb. This is a good reminder to me to finish entering the rest of my journal entries!

God Bless.