Sunday, July 06, 2008

RootsMagic Has a Blog

If you're a fan of RootsMagic software (as I am), you'll be pleased to know that president Bruce Buzbee has begun the RootsMagic blog. Regular readers of genealogy blogs will understand the significance of Bruce's first post, "The RootsMagic 'Insider'," as a play on words regarding a certain genealogy subscription website's blog. In this post, Bruce announces that RootsMagic 4 is "rumored" to be released soon. I'm very excited to hear confirmation of this rumor (I've been hearing about it for a while), and can't wait to purchase the latest version.

I've blogged before about how I used FamilyOrigins for years (my dad found me a copy somewhere), and refused to switch to any other software even after the company went out of business, feeling it was superior to everything else that was being offered. One software company tried to advertise that their software was the "upgrade" from FamilyOrigins simply because they had bought out FamilyOrigins. I wasn't fooled. When RootsMagic started up and took the original FamilyOrigins program and worked to improve and upgrade it, I was sold. They kept all that was good about FamilyOrigins and endeavored to make it the best and easiest-to-use family tree software available on the market, for a reasonable price. Unlike another genealogy software company that shall remain nameless, they don't pump out a new version every one to two years "just because."

Throughout the last couple of years on my blog, I've mentioned how much I love RootsMagic and how wonderful the source wizard is at creating quality citations. It's software I recommend each and every time to all my Online Genealogy students or whenever I'm asked when I'm speaking at a genealogical society. I've seen a number of genealogy bloggers become sold on this software, too, Ruth of Bluebonnet Country Genealogy being the latest.

Even if you're not a RootsMagic user, I hope you'll become a reader of the RootsMagic blog. You'll be sure to learn a lot about the way this software works, as well as upcoming features in the new version, during the next few posts.

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Ruth said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the RootsMagic Blog! And you are certainly correct about RootsMagic. I have only been using it for a few days, but I am most impressed. It creates excellent source documentation.
This morning I have been adding some documents to my Mom's database (she died in 1999) and I really like the "over-all" picture it is creating of her life. More of a 3D view of her life, rather than just a bunch of cold facts displayed on a cold computer screen, if you know what I mean.
And thanks for the mention of my site!
Ruth Stephens