Saturday, July 05, 2008

The 51st Carnival of Genealogy is Published

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"Independent Spirit" is the theme of the newly-posted 51st Carnival of Genealogy, hosted by Thomas MacEntee of Destination: Austin Family. Twenty-three genea-bloggers shared a story of a man or woman in their family tree that marched to a different drum or had an independent spirit. My post was "An Independent Man: John WILKINSON, Jr." and can be read here.

The theme of the 52nd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is "Age" and will be hosted by Lisa at 100 Years in America:
Do you have a member of the family who went to work to support the family while still of a tender age? Someone who accomplished something that was typically done by others beyond his or her years? A couple who married young? A couple with disparate ages? A family member who accomplished something of note at an advanced age? How about family members that lived many years, outlasting many of their relatives and friends?

With the understanding that "age is often a state of mind", share your family story about someone whose story stands out because of their age, either young or old. Submit your blog article for the Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form.

Submissions will be due July 15th.

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