Friday, July 25, 2008

Scanfest Reminder and Tips

Thanks to the social networking on Facebook, as well as word-of-mouth, it looks like this Sunday's Scanfest could be the biggest yet!

If you are planning to attend Scanfest for the first time, please follow these steps BEFORE Sunday to make your experience go more smoothly, and so that I will not be spending the first hour or so getting everyone set up, and can do some scanning myself!

1. You need to have Windows Live Messenger downloaded to your computer. Mac users, use this link.

2. Windows Live Messenger works best with Hotmail or Gmail accounts. I don't know why, it just does. I recommend Gmail, because it has such good spam filters.

3. Send me an e-mail (kidmiffATgmailDOTcom) to let me know you've gotten all set up with Windows Live Messenger, so I can add you to my list of contacts. Check your e-mail account (the one that you will be using as a sign-in for Windows Live Messenger) to see if I have verified you and invited you to Scanfest.

4. Go to Sally Jacob's website here to sign up for her free newsletter. It will enable you to download her helpful information called 8 Blunders People Make When They Scan Photographs...and How You Can Avoid Them All. You do not want to be scanning photos as .jpeg files or at 150 dpi (dots per inch)! Sally's pamphlet will explain all!

5. Take some time to figure out what you want to scan before Sunday. Otherwise, you'll spend your time sorting and not scanning.

UPDATE: On Sunday, sign in to Windows Live Messenger, and if you've done Step 3, you'll see my icon lit up on your list of contacts. Click on my icon and send me a message. I'll add you to our group conversation.

We really look forward to meeting all the new Scanfesters, and hope your time will be used well, both in accomplishing some much-needed tasks, and getting to know other family historians! See you Sunday (11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time - you can attend at any time during these three hours).

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