Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Midkiff Genea-Wordle-gy

I'm obsessed...!


Tim Agazio said...


So it got to you, huh? Glad I'm not alone.

footnoteMaven said...

Forget the Marines. Send out the straight-jacket!

They are very pretty though. You spent a lot of time to get them just right.


Miriam Robbins said...

Tim, you're certainly not alone. By the looks of today's posts, the whole genea-blogging world has gotten addicted!

Maven, thanks! I made one for AnceStories, but didn't like the colors. I pulled it into PaintShopPro and started re-colorizing it. Stopped at 1:00 AM(!) and have kept myself from going back to finish on it until I get some other projects done!

These would make nice note cards, too, you know, besides coffee cups and T-shirts.

Thanks for commenting, you two!