Sunday, May 04, 2008

Remembering Another Holocaust

I read Kimbooktu's blog for two reasons: she is a book lover (the emphasis of her blog is to highlight fun and creative book accessories and the books themselves), and she is Dutch.

Today, she published a post explaining how May 4th is a day in the Netherlands to commemorate the people who died in World War II. Tomorrow, May 5th, the Dutch celebrate the anniversary of the end of the war. Kim reminds us that besides the immense loss of life that occurred during the war, there was also a loss of literacy and culture. She quotes Jonathan Rose, director of the graduate program in book history at Dew University: “The story of the six million is also the story of the one hundred million…the mass slaughter of Jews was accompanied by the most devastating literary holocaust of all time.”

Her post is well worth reading.

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