Sunday, May 11, 2008

Edits and Updates

As I play catch-up from my break from blogging, I wanted to let you know of some edits and updates I've made to some of my recent posts:

1) I found that I had some scanned photos of most of the schools my mother attended as well as some snapshots and portraits of her during those years to illustrate each post in the series she wrote about her school years for the 48th Carnival of Genealogy. I especially love her Kindergarten portrait; she looks like the little tomboy I'm sure she was, and can't you just see her telling her mother about the infamous Purple Hairbrush?! ;-)

2) I have posted the next three biographical sketches of the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors in my husband's and my family trees. I "cheated" and adjusted the post dates so that they will appear on the dates they were originally slated to be posted, even though I wasn't blogging much that week. The posts are of the three Kimball brothers, Benjamin, David, and William.

3) I'd like to publicly thank Jason Felton, a photograph volunteer from Find A Grave, who took the time to go to Maple Grove Cemetery in Fremont, Michigan and photograph the impressive tombstone of my 3rd-great-grandfather, Benjamin Henry Kimball. I had requested this some time ago, and Jason's act of kindness was very timely, allowing me to post the photo on Benjamin's biographical sketch for my Civil War Soldiers and Sailors series.

4) I'd also like to publicly thank Donald Ladd, another Find A Grave photo volunteer, who recently photographed the grave of my 4th-great-grandfather, Ezra Dickinson, another soldier in my Civil War series. I've just added that photo to Ezra's biographical sketch.

5) If you've clicked on any of the links to the histories of the units of my Civil War Soldiers and Sailors for those sketches posted before April 30th, you'll notice that you can no longer view them. I had unwittingly linked to a subscription Civil War website that was offering a trial free-access period during the month of April, and they are no longer available to view for free. The National Parks Service's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors website has free information on the histories of the military units. I'll be changing the links over as time allows.

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