Saturday, March 01, 2008

March Is...

...Irish American Heritage Month.

...Women's History Month.

March 1: Korean Independence Movement Day (celebrated in both North and South Korea - independence from Japan)

March 8: International Women's Day

March 17: St. Patrick's Day

March 23: Easter Sunday

March 25: Greek Independence Day

Do any of the above feature in or affect your heritage, culture, or family history?

Carnival Due Dates and Other Events in March:

March 1: 43rd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy - Technology

March 10: "Where Were You?" Carnival - Great Depression

March 14: 4th Edition of the Carnival of the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture - St. Patrick's Day Parade

March 15: 44th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy - A Tribute to Women

By midday, March 16: Cabinet of Curiosities #5 - Steampunk Edition

March 21: 5th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy - Traditional Dishes

March 29 - April 6: Spring Break Scan-a-Thon

March 30: Scanfest, 11 AM - 2 PM, Pacific Daylight Time

And One More Thing:

March 1 is National Pig Day!


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Happy National Pig Day, Miriam! I'm not sure what that means, so hopefully it's a good thing!

Terry Thornton said...

LOL! I almost missed National Pig Day! Thanks, Miriam. HAPPY PIG DAY to you too.

Miriam Robbins said...

Elizabeth, go to Terry's blog (Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi) and look for his HOGS logo...then you'll know why I highlighted this day!

Miriam Robbins said...

Terry, thanks, and Happy Pig (or HOGS) day to you!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

"March 29 - April 6: Spring Break Scan-a-Thon (stay tuned for more details)" - Sounds interesting, I've just been doing a bit of scanning.

It was St. David's Day here in Wales yesterday :)

Miriam Robbins said...

Nikki-Ann, I hope you'll join us for the next Scanfest or for Spring Break Scan-a-thon! Happy St. David's Day to you (I'm not Welsh, but oh, well!).

Janice said...

Thank you for recapping the month, Miriam. We have a great deal of blogfodder to write articles about!!


Miriam Robbins said...

No problem, Janice! I figured this was one way I would (hopefully) remember to submit all my posts in time for the carnivals!

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Oh, I get it now about National Pig Day. I'm still a blogling, so I need everything to be explained to me (preferably slooooowly, and with small words and short sentences!).

Hope to meet up with you all during the Scanfest-a-palooza later this month!

Thomas MacEntee said...

1. St. David's Day - darn! how could I forget? I usually make Welsh Tea Cakes (aka Welsh Cookies).

2. Easter - in our household it isn't celebrated until April 27th this year which is Greek Easter. In addition, Greeks celebrate their "names day" which is basically the feast day of the saint for whom you are named. If the name day falls during Lent, such as April 23 for St. George's Day, then it is celebrated on Easter Monday, April 28th.