Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Strange Searches

Recently, I was enjoying reading a favorite non-genealogy blog, Because I Said So. In her latest post, Dawn lists the search terms people use to find her blog (it's hilarious!). So in that vein, I decided to see how users of the Internet stumble upon my little corner of the web. Here are the most amusing--and weird--search terms:

an insulting nickname for a slaveowner

And my blog has the answer to this?

funeral acts of kindness
While I understand how the results of this search could lead to my blog, I am wondering why you would wait until the funeral...

i'm only hauling one thing trace adkins
...and that would be?

insulting nickname for slaveowner is french dix
Apparently someone found the answer. Huh.

my grandpa's giddy stories
As opposed to his serious ones...

sex stories father-in-law daughter-in-law
Yikes! No comment.

things i didnt know about cerebral palsy
I hope my blog has informed you of these.

twp priests spells against moses
OK. I think "twp" is a typo of "two" and not meant to be the abbreviation of township. Are you looking for two priests to spell down against Moses, or to cast spells against him? Weird.

websites i'm addicted to
Well, this is good, I think!

why should my ancestors be proud
Well, if you don't know, you can bet that I don't!

www ancest reading material
Hopefully searching for ancestors and not incest...yuck.

your ancest jokes
See above.

your riches taught me poverty by dickinson wikipedia
Starting Monday, a new series of blog posts. Stay tuned!


Henk van Kampen said...

Can't wait till Monday...

Miriam Robbins said...

Ah, it's just a joke, Henk. "Your riches taught me poverty: a new blog series." Ha!