Monday, March 17, 2008

The 4th Edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture is Posted

Lisa of Small-leaved Shamrock has just posted the 4th Edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture, a St. Patrick's Day Parade of Posts! My own entry for this carnival is The Quiet Man.

The topic of the 5th Edition will honor the beauty of the Irish language with a focus on Irish Gaelic names and words:
  • * Has the charm of the name of a place in Ireland always called to you to visit someday?

  • * As a child did you secretly wish you had the Irish name of a great-grandparent instead of the name you were born with?

  • * Do you have a story to tell about someone with an Irish surname?

  • * Is there an Irish proverb that you have always loved to let slide off of your tongue in its original language?

Submissions are due April 27th and can be entered here. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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