Monday, June 18, 2007

The Carnival is Back in Town for Father's Day

The Carnival of Genealogy, 26th Edition has been posted by Jasia. The topic was "Dads!" in honor of Father's Day, of course. Many of these posts I read over the last few days as they were posted by my friends whose blogs are listed on my reader; but there are a few bloggers that are new to me, which is exciting, as I always look forward to finding great new reads! Many of the heartfelt stories that have been shared brought me to tears. Some had wonderful fathers, others did not. The recurring theme I heard was that everyone believed that their dads did the best they could. I hope all our children can say that about us someday!

I had hoped to write about the wonderful men in my own family, but I ran out of time, having submitted two other posts ahead of time; one about the origins of Father's Day, started here in my hometown of Spokane, Washington; and the other, a photo blog of my children's paternal line to correspond with my Mother's Day post. I am very fortunate to have a warm, loving, wonderful father, as did he. Perhaps next year, I'll share the stories of the great fathers in my Robbins family!

This is a great time to publicly acknowledge Jasia for all the hard work and long hours she puts into the Carnival twice a month! She has brought us closer together by allowing us to share our personal experiences and letting us see each other as real human beings behind the posts we write. Next time, Becky from kinexxions will be hosting the 27th Carnival, which will be the topic "What America/Independence Day means to my family." I hope you'll join us!

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Jasia said...

Thanks Miriam. The Carnival is a labor of love for me. I'm pleased that so many folks participate these days. It is getting to be quite a production though!