Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 2007 Scanfest Coming Up!

It seems so long since we have had a Scanfest! Part of the reason is that last month's was held a week early, due to Memorial Day weekend falling on the last weekend of the month. For those of you who have never heard of Scanfest, let me quickly recap. It's a time when those interested in genealogy or preservation "meet" online using various chat technology, to visit while we scan those endless piles of documents, photos and other ephemera that need to be preserved. Because scanning can be quite tedious, it's nice to take the time to chat and visit while scanning, getting to know others who have similar interests.

Yes, it's June, summer's here, and many of us would rather be out enjoying the nice weather. But somewhere in your home is a pile (or many piles) of photos that need scanning, or perhaps some files that need purging. You've got to start somewhere, sometime; why not now? Our next Scanfest is scheduled for Sunday, June 24th, from 11 AM - 2 PM, PDT.

To join me, you'll need a Hotmail or Gmail account, and Windows Live Messenger downloaded to your computer (Mac users go here to download Microsoft Messenger for Mac). Although WLM states that it is compatible with Yahoo! e-mail accounts, we have had difficulty adding Yahoo! users to our chat conversation. Once you have gotten set up, send me an e-mail (see my profile in the right-hand menu) and I'll add you to our chat list. You'll receive an invitation message from me in the e-mail account that you've set up for Messenger, and will need to verify that I can add you as a contact. My Messenger account is identical to my Gmail account, except that it's "".

Hope to see you there!

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