Saturday, June 02, 2007

More on Sgt. Walter Scott of the U.S. Colored Troops

Craig Manson of GeneaBlogie astonished and blessed me by picking up the story of Sgt. Walter Scott of Company K, 27th Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops, who I mentioned in a post last week. Craig wrote a "brief" study on Walter Scott, which when printed up in Word, was a three-and-a-half page story that I plan on sharing with my genealogy society this afternoon.

I'm so impressed with Craig's research, because it gives an example of what can be found on the Internet these days, from starting with only a name and regiment number to a three-and-a-half page biography!

Walter's grave can be seen here at Find A Grave, and I provided a link to Craig's study on the memorial page. While I am at the library for the society meeting, I plan to see if I can find an obituary (and other records) to add more details to his life story.

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Craig Manson said...

Despite my teasing, it was fun. I have got references for all the material which I may add to the post in a bit!