Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finally Got My Family Tree Magazine!

Family Tree Magazine is definitely one of my favorite genealogy magazines for many reasons: great articles on current, relative topics; nice layouts; and affordable price. Now I have an additional reason to like this magazine even more: terrific customer service!

It started out after I realized I had not received my July issue; you know, the one in which Jasia and Randy gave interviews on the topic of declining genealogical society memberships? I made a quick call to my sister to verify that she had received hers. She had bought me my subscription for a Christmas gift and received a free subscription in turn (see what I mean by affordable?). So then I went to the FTM website and discovered they had a nifty online form to report a missing issue. After filling it out, I received a confirmation e-mail that informed me that I would receive the issue in two to three weeks. That was June 12th. Eight days later, I'm excited to have some new reading material! I'm very impressed with their speedy solution, and they can be assured I'll be a satisfied customer for many years to come!

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