Thursday, August 07, 2008

These Aren't the Olympics

Just a quick note: If you blog about the Genea-Blogger Group Games, please don't refer to them as the "Olympics." This is a word that is protected either by copyright or a similar legal process by the International Olympic Committee, who has only ever authorized the usage of their name in one instance, the Special Olympics.

As family historians and genealogists, we strive to respect and uphold copyright and fair use laws. Therefore, the Genea-Blogger Group administrators request that the term "Genea-Blogger Group Games" or "the Games" for short be used in place of the word "Olympics."

1 comment:

Randy Seaver said...

I doubt that they had the forethought to trademark or whatever the new word Genealympics... so I'm going to use it!

As the creator of the word (Google doesn't show it!), I encourage all of the Games contestants to use it.

Too bad there wasn't an event for making up crazy genealogy words....