Monday, August 18, 2008

I Goofed! Please Welcome Diane Rogers to the Genea-Bloggers Group Games!

Well, I really did it this time! I actually left a Genea-Blogger out of the Opening Ceremonies [hangs head]. M. Diane Rogers of CanadaGenealogy or "Jane's Your Aunt" wrote her post describing the category she was entering, then left to go to a conference at the Library and Archives of Canada. Meanwhile, we had amended the participation rules which included creating a heritage flag and sending me the information for the Opening Ceremonies. Diane was gone and returned after the Games started. She's been plugging along, regardless, and as a subscriber to her blog feed, I finally clued in last night to a remark she had made in her latest post about not making it into the final group of contestants.

Well, Diane, you're very much a part of our Games, and I feel simply terrible I left you out. You're now marching along quite merrily in our Opening Ceremonies between Bluebonnet Country Genealogy and The Cheek That Doth Not Fade.

To all my readers and co-participants in the Games, please go give Diane a visit!

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