Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tallies for 13 August 2008

I didn't complete any additional tasks on Wednesday, although I did continue to do some of the same: citing sources (1) as I add more data (3E), backing up my files online (2C), commenting on new-to-me blogger's posts (5A) and joining blog networks (5B).

My medal count remains the same as August 12th for the various categories:
1. Platinum
2. ---
3. Silver
4. Silver
5. Silver

However, I am giving fellow Washington State resident Melanie Roach a run for her money in the weightlifting competition:

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Jasia said...

Good one Miriam! Loved it!

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Way to go, Miriam!!

Thomas MacEntee said...

Is it just me or did those hands look kinda "hairy" as Miriam applied chalk? I think we should order a DNA test and make sure there isn't some Y chromosome involved with this so called "Miriam".