Monday, August 11, 2008

Tallies for 11 August 2008

1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources!
I spent several hours going through a descendancy report sent to me last week by a WILKINSON cousin and adding the information to my database, citing every fact and event according to Evidence Explained. I stopped after citing 53 sources (along with a rummy brain and bleary eyes), so I have earned my platinum medal! This also does double-duty for Category 3E.

2. Back Up Your Data!
C. Backup all your data using a flash drive, an external drive, CDs, DVDs, or an online resource
Carbonite is still plugging away on the backup.

Summary: Still in progress.

3. Organize Your Research!
A. Organize at least 20 hard files or ancestral items (books, fabrics, inherited items) into file folders, boxes, envelopes, containers, etc.; archival-quality where appropriate.
Last night I started sorting a stack of loose documents. I realized that I had more to work with than I could possibly file properly. So I did a loose filing system of seven main piles: one each for my parents and my parents-in-law, one for my step-grandfather's family, one for my grandmother's adoptive family, and the last folder for everything else (syllabuses, forms, newsletters, etc.).

Today I went through my books to see if there was anything I could donate to my genealogical society's upcoming book auction. I found two titles, and before I donate them to the auction, I'll check with our society's librarian to see if they would be needed in our genealogy collections.

Summary for Task A: Still in progress.

B. Organize at least 20 digital files into folders, label, add metadata, add descriptions, add tags, etc.
I moved all my pixel graphic files and folders to my laptop, then moved about 20 genealogy folders I could find on my laptop to my desktop, merging them where applicable to the genealogy folders already created there. I spent a lot of time going through non-genealogy files and folders, deleting unnecessary things and just plain junk, then emptying the recycle bin. Even with all the genealogy folders I added from the laptop, my desktop had 1.04 GB more room after tossing unwanted stuff.

E. Create at least 20 data entries in your database, or scan 20 photos, or scan 20 documents.
Entering 53 facts or events in my database helped me to complete this task.

Summary: Completed two tasks - silver medal!
My total medals earned during the Games as of today:
1. Platinum
2. ---
3. Silver
4. Bronze
5. Silver

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