Monday, January 21, 2008

What I Missed from GeneaBlogger Land

Sheesh! Things move along quite quickly in GeneaBlogger Land! Last week when my Internet was out, I took my laptop to the local public library after work every day to check my e-mail, pay online bills, prepare my syllabuses for online classes I'm teaching, and skim through my Google Reader at my favorite geneabloggers' posts. Since I only had an hour and a half each day to do all that, I didn't get to linger for long at any one blog. Saturday after teaching my computer class on to members of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society, I just came home and "played," trying to catch up on some of the reading I've missed. If you've been busy or offline for a while as well, here's what happened in the last week (and the last month, during which I've been too busy to make comments):

  • *Chris Dunham returned after over three weeks' hiatus at The Genealogue, and is as funny as ever!
  • *Several new blogs have been created. I'll post more about these later this week.
  • *Jasia won a free genetic testing at Blaine Bettinger's The Genetic Genealogist! Congratulations! She's been blogging about it at Creative Gene.
  • *Speaking of returning bloggers, David of OakvilleBlackWalnut has been posting like fury since late December.
  • *Denise Olsen of Family Matters challenges us to post lists of local or family history blogs we use in our research. I'll be posting mine later this week.
  • *Joe Beine has posted more vital records links on his blog, Genealogy Roots Blog, here.
  • *The 40th Carnival of Genealogy has been posted! Topic: Living-relative connections.
  • *The Cabinet of Curiosities Carnival #3 has been posted!
(Takes deep breath.) Whew! We're busy writers! I think I've caught my readers up on everything!


Janice said...


What a great list of links. It took me a while to get through them, and I probably would not have seen a several except for your post!


Miriam Robbins said...

Glad to be of help!