Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Prompt (Week Twenty-Seven) Available at AnceStories2

"Civil Rights and Diversity" is the topic for Week Twenty-Seven over at my blog of journal prompts, AnceStories2: Stories of Me for My Descendants. These are issues that many of us often don't want to think, much less write, about. I've often wondered what my ancestors thought about things such as giving women the right to vote, or how they interacted (or didn't) with people of other races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, sexual orientations or social classes. I grew up as one of a handful of Caucasian children in a Native Alaskan community until I was twelve years old, very aware of the racial and cultural difference between my own family and others in the community, yet feeling comfortable in that society. The transition to a mostly-white, very social-class-conscious community in Northeast Washington was very difficult for me, especially since it happened during my early teenage years, already a time of social anxiety and angst! I now am grateful, however, for the very different childhood that I had.

There were many positive responses to last week's topic "Winter," and I've created a post where I've linked to those who responded to the prompts on their blogs. I plan to do this for all future prompts. If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know. I do know that Terry Thornton of Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi will be posting his response this coming Tuesday.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I still haven't done last weeks but I will! This one is tough. I may touch on the issue on my blog but I certainly won't go into too many details. There are many things that I would like to write down so my kids and grandkids know how different things were for me.

Thomas MacEntee said...

Thank you so much for this prompt! I was hoping we'd hear more from genea-bloggers on this topic especially with the upcoming Martin Luther King birthday holiday on January 21.

Miriam Robbins said...

Thank you for your comments, Apple and Thomas. I have posted links to responses on my AnceStories2 blog, and always look forward to reading whatever you may have written.