Monday, January 28, 2008

New Prompt (Week Twenty-Nine) Available at AnceStories2

Continuing in the vein from last week, Week Twenty-Nine's topic is "Family Life." I wrote most of the prompts early this--I mean, yesterday--morning, but with Scanfest and all we were trying to do at home to make sure we could survive all the snowstorms we've been having, I didn't post it until now.

FYI, Spokane has just about shut down. Spokane International Airport was closed all afternoon after a landing jet skidded off the runway (no injuries, thankfully). Jay Leno's show at the casino was canceled after the pilots for his private jet decided it was too risky to travel to this area, much less land at the air field. The school district will be closed on Monday for the first time since Ice Storm 1996 and for what is probably only the second time in the last 20-something years. We received about six inches of snow Saturday/Sunday night on top of the several inches of compacted snow and ice leftover from the 14 December and numerous January (I lost count) storms we've had this season. It snowed for most of the day AND it's supposed to snow every day for the next eight days. The county and city have 115 snow removal vehicles working 24/7 to keep the arterials, routes to the hospitals (mostly located on steep hills, of all places!), and bus routes open. About 9400 people were without power in outlying areas. Residential areas have about eight inches of snow-turned-slush-turned-ice on the streets. We ourselves got high centered in our alley/driveway attempting to leave to bring dinner to a sick friend. Fortunately our neighbors helped my husband dig my car out and then push it past the icy spots. My hubby spent four hours Saturday and eight hours Sunday shoveling snow and raking it off the roofs of our house and outbuildings.

Thankfully, the Internet has been working just fine, and I hope to post about the fun time we had at Scanfest in the morning.


Thomas MacEntee said...


I had a great time at Scanfest yesterday! I just hope I wasn't too much of a clown or bad boy!

Jay Leno does a great show - I've seen him at a Reno casino and what I liked was it was not dirty and he did this for about 90 minutes without a teleprompter or notes.

Miriam Robbins said...

Thomas, we loved having you at Scanfest! Hope to see you at future gatherings.

I would have loved to have seen Leno...didn't get tickets, so I didn't have to be disappointed that his show was canceled.