Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The March 2008 Issue of Internet Genealogy

On Monday, I received my March 2008 issue of Internet Genealogy. A bi-montly publication, I absolutely love this magazine, published by the same company as Family Chronicle and History Magazine. Many of the articles are written by authors who I know personally or from faithfully reading genealogy blogs, making reading each issue like getting a letter of helpful genealogical advice from an old friend! This month's issue contains the following articles:

"Jumping Over Hurdles in Western European Research" by Leslie Albrecht Huber

"Free Genealogy Software!" by Rick Crume

A Case Study, "The Case of John Barron, Early Illinois Settler," by Richard Crooks

"That's My Family" by Janice Nickerson (looking at a new database for Canadian researchers)

"Creating the Context for Your Ancestors' Lives" also by Leslie Albrecht Huber, in which she lists social history websites

"Researching Your French Ancestry Online" by Donna J. Pointkouski - hmmm, this looks especially interesting. Both hubby and I have a couple of lines that lead into France!

"Extend Your Research Reach with Mailing Lists" by George G. Morgan

"Checking the (Cyndi's) List" by Cindy Thompson

"Finding Huguenot Ancestors" by David A. Norris - another interest of mine, as it is believed that my Frisian surname, Renema ("of the family of Rene"), is actually a Huguenot line

"The Hidden Treasures of Gazetteers" by Leslie Albrecht Huber

"Passenger Records and Naturalization Records" by Diane L. Richard - I highlighted this one for my Intermediate Online Genealogy class, since that is the topic of our next session

"Libraries in Genealogy" by Mary Penner, looking specifically at online resources, of course

And in "Researching for TV," Janice Nickerson reveals what happens behind the scenes when researching family history for the Canadian television show, "Who Do You Think You Are?"

In addition, the following websites have been highlighted in the "Net Notes" column:

Lost Cousins -

RadixIndex: Hungarian Genealogy and Local History Databases -

ChicagoAncestors.Org -

The Workhouse: England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Elsewhere -

One of the nice things about Internet Genealogy is that they list all their links for each issue on their website, both current and past. Another is their very affordable subscription rate: $22.50 for a year's subscription (6 issues).

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