Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sons of the American Revolution Still Going Strong

Here's an interesting story from our local paper that highlights a twenty-one-year-old young man who has recently joined a local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (click on the first link on this page). With his dark hair in a ponytail, Travis Miller makes quite a contrast against the other silver- and white-haired members of the SAR, but he is among a growing population of young people interested in their roots. Kudos to EWGS members Bill Ailes and John Ellingson for also being featured in this article, either by being photographed or quoted.

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Janice said...


I think that part of the reason that younger people are becoming interested in these heritage societies is that the societies are developing a stronger presence on the internet, so that people of all ages can learn about them, and obtain help in joining. You normally don't find an SAR or DAR chapter in the local telephone book, but you will find them many times through their web site on the internet.

I enjoyed your article.