Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Adopted Son Finds Birth Mom...at Work

Both the Grand Rapids Press and the Muskegon Chronicle--newspapers from my ancestral cities in Michigan--carried this story, and no wonder! It's one of those "truth is stranger than fiction" stories, and does it ever have an ending that will warm your heart!

For years, Steve Flaigg, an adoptee, had searched for his birth mother. Come to find out, she turned up to be a co-worker he had known for several months. Go here to read the rest of the story.

This article has a personal connection for me. It mentions the D.A. Blodgett Home, an institution that figures largely in my family history. When my maternal grandfather's mother became ill and had to be institutionalized, several of his siblings were placed in the Blodgett Home for a while until after she died and their father remarried (he and another brother were placed in relatives' homes). Also, this was the place where my paternal grandmother and her brother were dropped off after their non-custodial father removed them from their mother's home in east Michigan. They lived there for just a short time before being fostered out and eventually adopted by two families in the same small west Michigan town.

UPDATE: This article reoports that Flaigg and his birth mother, Christine Talladay, will be featured on several morning television shows, including NBC's Today show Thursday morning and perhaps Fox's Fox and Friends on Friday morning.

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Lee said...

Their story really touched me, and brought a tear of sappiness to my eye. :-)