Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meme: Where Were You During the Censuses? Part 2

Finding out where family members were living during the census years is intriguing to me, and I thought I'd query my husband as to his whereabouts during those years. He's ten years older than I, so his first appearance was in the 1960 census; that is, if his parents participated in them. I've no reason to think they didn't, so he should appear in every census taken during his lifetime:
  • *1960 - Norm would have been 3, living with his parents (father: 26; mother: 27) and younger brother, age 9 months in Outlook, Yakima County, Washington.
  • *1970 - the family, which by then included his 36-year-old dad, his 37-year-old mother, his almost 11-year-old brother, a six-year-old sister, and another brother, 4 1/2, lived in the Fruit Valley neighborhood of Vancouver, Clark County, Washington. Norm was 13. The following year, the family moved to the same neighborhood--but not the same house--where his parents live today.
  • *1980 - He was attending college and living in an apartment near the courthouse in Vancouver.
  • *from 1990 through 2005, the census data is the same as mine.
I think I'll go e-mail my parents and ask them about their census year residences (1950 and 1960) before they were married and started a family.

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