Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Slowing Down

You may have noticed I'm not posting as many blogs. I certainly have much that I want to write about, but lately, time and energy have been at a premium. At work, we are undergoing a major yearly project called the WAAS - the Washington Alternate Assessment System. Our special education students are not able to take standardized tests due to their various physical and mental disabilities, but we must help them compile annual portfolios showing five examples of improvement in their Grade Level Expections for each of their subject areas, generally Reading, Mathematics, and Science. This is a very time-consuming, stressful process which has to be fit in around all our regular teaching, assessments, and grading, so when I reach home at the end of my workday, I'm utterly exhausted.

Add in being a mother of two teens, with chores and homework needing supervision, as well as the inevitable chauffering of them to this or that meeting, function, event, or activity...throw in dinner, dishes and laundry, and I'm done (or done for!).

Last Saturday was our monthly genealogy society meeting; this coming Saturday will be the annual free LDS Genealogy Conference; and the following Saturday, EWGS member Barbara Brazington will be presenting a computer class titled "Military Records Online." So you can see my weekends have been full, too.

A friend gave me some genealogy resource books, and so before setting the alarm and turning off the lamp, I'll read a page or two in bed.

Things will ease up again, and I'll be back in form before long. I'm looking forward to my Spring Break immensely (the first week in April!) because I know I'll have much more time to research and blog yet again. In the meantime, thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

This time of year is always tough. Everyone is trying to get meetings in before people get distracted by spring. Some of the state/federal assessments do little more than steal time from learning as near as I can see. We just cane off of winter break and I'm already counting the days to spring break.

Marika said...

Thanks for the post mentioning the WAAS. I have been working night and day on the dumb thing--and still know I will be working on it through next Wednesday. Yours is the only link I could find that even mentions it. Thanks, Dan--Not Marika