Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday - March 27

Seems like I'm late on a lot of things this week. Happy Belated Birthday to:
  • Mary May Kimball, my 2nd-great-grandmother. She was born 27 March 1873 in Hesperia, Michigan, and her mother, Lucy May Dickinson, died at or shortly after her birth. Her father, Benjamin Henry Kimball, a Civil War veteran, had three other small children to raise. So her maternal aunt, Mary E. Dickinson and her husband, Phillip Weaver, raised little Mary. To avoid the confusion of two Marys in one household, to honor her biological mother, and because she was raised by her aunt and uncle Weaver, Mary May Kimball was also known as "Lula" Weaver. You can read more about Lula's life (and see a photo of her holding my father as an infant) on my website, AnceStories.
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