Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Busy Weekend

This is the second of three busy genealogical weekends for me, so I'm doing a quick summary:
  • *At our local LDS Genealogy Conference yesterday, I taught two classes twice: "County Genealogy Websites" and "Finding Volunteer (or Low-Cost) Researchers Online." Attendance was great at the conference; they were expecting 400 people, and I'm sure they exceeded it. Ugo Perego of Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation was superb as our keynote speaker, and I participated in the free DNA sample project. I was able to meet fellow blogger Amy Crooks of Untangled Family Roots as well! There were many members of EWGS in attendance, as well as several people from the Online Genealogy classes I've taught through the Community College of Spokane, and even a co-worker who I invited from the middle school where I am employed. I'll have to blog more about this conference later.
  • *I received the EWGS quarterly, The Bulletin (March 2007 issue), full of terrific articles as always. Found a couple of links to sites of interest.
  • *I also received the May 2007 issue of Family Tree Magazine. Haven't had time to read it, but have glanced at a few interesting titles. I see Lisa Alzo has an article on Polish research.
  • *One of my former Online Genealogy students e-mailed me with a question regarding how to properly use "dit" names (French-Canadian nicknames or aliases). I found some great answers at; it was a learning experience for me, and has me wondering about my 4th-great-grandmother, Mary (LAMOUREAUX, also known as TERRY) WILKINSON, about whom I blogged earlier. Could she be French-Canadian? LAMOUREAUX is so very French. Is TERRY a dit name?
  • *As a member of the Computer Class Education committee for EWGS, it's my duty to e-mail (or call) all those who've signed up for the computer classes with a reminder one week before class. I realized next Saturday is St. Patrick's Day, and the parade route and number of people downtown will definitely impact driving and parking, so gave a warning and a link to the parade map to help out fellow members with planning and parking alternatives.
  • *We're getting ready to have some family time this evening. My husband's brother and sister-in-law have picked up a pizza from Costco to feed their youngest and our two kids (all teens) while they take Norm and I out for dinner to celebrate our March birthdays (his the 6th, mine the 19th). After dinner, we'll all head over to their place for dessert and birthday time and to call Norm's sister who lives on the West Side of the state to wish her happy birthday as well.

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Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

You have been busy and it sounds like you'll continue to be!