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Friday Finds and Follows: 27 March 2015

Note: I am undergoing knee surgery on Thursday, April 2nd, so I'll be skipping posting Friday Finds and Follows on April 3rd. It's not a post that would be easy to pre-write and schedule, especially with how busy I'll be in getting everything else done before surgery. Thank you for your patience, and be sure to check back on Friday, April 10th for the next Friday Finds and Follows post!

Articles and posts that caught my eye:

Finding the truth about great-grandpa’s plot to kill Czar Alexander III by Vera Miller at Find Lost Russian & Ukrainian Family - talk about your family secrets! A must-read!

Reverend Newton Pinckney Walker, Esq. - 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 7, "Love" by Amy W. Kelly at Shaking My Family Tree - if you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know I've been posting tips for finding your deaf ancestors during Deaf History Month. Amy relates the story of how her ancestor founded the first School for the Deaf in South Carolina, out of love for his wife's three deaf siblings.

10 Ways Your Genealogy Society Might Be Driving Away Visitors by Amy Johnson Crow at No Story Too Small - how does your society rate?

Tracking Elusive People through the Past by Elizabeth Shown Mills at QuickTips: The Blog @ Evidence Explained - some basic, common-sense strategies for tracking elusive people through the past, a.k.a. our "brick wall ancestors."

Reconstructing the Lives of Yesteryear's Women, also by Elizabeth Shown Mills at QuickTips: The Blog @ Evidence Explained - Elizabeth offers "6 tips for teasing yesteryear’s women out of the shadows in which they lived."

The Fifth (and Final) American Civil War Blogpost Challenge by Bill West at West in New England - do you have a Civil War ancestor or relative? Now's your last chance to write about him or her and have it included in Bill's Blogpost Challenge. Due date is May 13th.

Gone Fishing by Greenman Tim at Walking the Berkshires - in the last month or so, I've had the pleasure of reading recent blog posts written by some of the original geneabloggers who have since taken a hiatus and then returned to blogging. Tim's is another to add to your list.

Which Black's? and More dictionaries by Judy G. Russell at The Legal Genealogist - you should most definitely have a copy of Black's Law Dictionary at hand or on your computer when doing genealogical research. The second post is especially helpful for non-U.S. researchers.

March Library Jewel #1: 1897 post route map of WA by Brian Zylstra at From Our Corner (the blog of the Washington State Secretary of State) - Brian posts a digital image of a historic Washington State map, with hints for two more upcoming soon!

Salt Lake Plaza Hotel Announces New 2015 Research Your Roots #Genealogy Package by Leland Meitzler at GenealogyBlog - plan to do some research in SLC soon? Check out this excellent package!

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