Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Finds and Follows: 13 March 2015

Articles and posts that caught my eye:

How Many Photos Is Enough? by Sally Jacobs at The Practical Archivist - Not sure how many photos of something you should keep or toss? A good article to help you with the answer.

Leaving Norway ~ Ole Iversen by Jana Last at Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog - Not only is this interesting, I bookmarked this because my children have several Norwegian lines that I'd like to find migration records for.

How to Maximinze Your Free Storage Space on Every Cloud Service by Eric Ravenscraft at Lifehacker - You can't have enough online backups. Plus, free is always a bonus.

Recording Blood Lines for Our Adopted Family Members by Amie Bowser Tennant at My Kith N Kin - I have a number of family members who were adoptees and I've used this RootsMagic feature for years. Amie shows you how.

DISCOVERY: Slave Name Roll Project by Miss Donna at Diligent Daughter of Slave Ancestry - Miss Donna highlights the Slave Name Roll Project. Did your ancestors own slaves? Please contribute to this database.

Digitizing Genealogy -- Resolution is always an issue by James Tanner of Genealogy's Star - As the hostess of Scanfest, I found this article on scanning resolution interesting and informative.

Infallible Evidence? by Anne Morddel at The French Genealogy Blog - How do we piece together a likely version of the past? As an aside, I noticed that the French custom of recording a birth or death does not differ greatly than the Dutch custom. It's not surprising, considering Napoleon once ruled The Netherlands and set up civil registration.

Fearless Female.... at Generations Gone By - A tribute to a very special mother. Bring your box of Kleenex.

Being a Beginner Again by Barbara Poole at Life from the Roots - A good reminder that no matter how experienced we are in genealogy, every time you move your research into a new area, you're a beginner again."

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