Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun Stuff for Genealogists

Are you still looking for that perfect gift for your favorite genealogist? Or some stocking stuffers? Maybe you'd like to fill out your wish list to give to your significant other before they go shopping for you.  It's not too late to order all sorts of genealogical goodies from Fun Stuff for Genealogists (!

To view their online catalog, go to the link above and click on the yellow Catalog button. My favorite product is the "Cite Your Sources" sticky notes (look under the Organize Yourself tab in the left-hand menu). Any Scanfesters out there still looking for cotton gloves to handle old documents and photos? Fun Stuff for Genealogists has them for the best price I've yet seen - $3.00 a pair (check out the Archival Preservation and Storage tab)!

Whatever your genealogical need or product, Fun Stuff for Genealogists is the resource for you!

[Disclosure: I have not been compensated monetarily in any way for this review.]

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