Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories No. 9: Grab Bag

Christmas Grab Bag

This is an all-time favorite photo of my children, Christmas or no. I believe it was taken in early December 1996, the first Christmas season in our current home. My son was nearly three, and my daughter was six years old. They'd been watching a favorite video when they both fell asleep. My daughter has graduated high school, is gainfully employed, and has her own apartment. She'll be making her own adult Christmas memories now. My son is a sophomore in high school. I really miss the days when cuddling them could resolve most of their problems, and I look forward to the days when there will someday be little ones in the Midkiff home at Christmas time once again!

This post is a part of the "Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories" meme created in 2007 by Thomas and Jasia. You, too, can write your own Christmas memories, either for your personal journal or blog. Visit Geneabloggers to participate and to read others' posts on these topics.

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Connie said...

I can tell you once the grandchildren arrive you will see Christmas in a new light thru their eyes. They are so much fun.

I noticed you mentioned the Midkiff name. Would any of the Midkiff ancestors by any chance be from southeastern Ohio?
I photographed a cemetery in Bedford Twp., Meigs Co., Ohio that had a lot of Midkiff buried there. Plus there are still many Midkiff families living in the area. There's even a Midkiff Rd. Just thought I'd mention it since the name seems to not be a common name, but then I sure could be wrong.
Connie Cotterill-Schumaker

Greta Koehl said...

Love those pictures of children sleeping peacefully together! Oh my gosh - your children are about the same age as mine!