Monday, January 19, 2009

Genea-Blogging News, Some Old, Some New

Taneya has moved her blog here.

There's been some Saturday Night Fun going on in a couple of Genea-Bloggers' neighborhoods. Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has a weekly Saturday post called exactly that, and Mark Tucker at ThinkGenealogy has been sharing rebuses (remember those?).

Speaking of Mark, he has an article in the latest issue of Digital Genealogist, as does Thomas MacEntee of Destination: Austin Family and Midge Frazel of Granite in My Blood. Congratulations to all of you!

Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems News has started a new ten-part series for the new year: Genealogy Strategies. Check them out!

Amy Coffin of We Tree has a great series as well: Jump Start Your Genealogy Blog: 52 Ideas, 52 Weeks. If you're a member of Genea-Bloggers on Facebook, check out the Events on the Group page, as Thomas is adding each weekly prompt. Great ideas, Amy! (P.S. I have to visit Amy's blog through Google Reader, because if I go directly to her blogsite, I see that delicious Texas-shaped waffle drowning in syrup and my mouth starts watering! I love waffles!)

And by the way, I heard a little bird twitter that there's an article in the latest DAR publication by Maureen Taylor that mentions Amy!

Hooray! Leland Meitzler is blogging once again at Genealogy Blog after some major hiccups! We missed you, Leland!

Lately, I've added the following blogs to my Google Reader. They are worthy of being added to yours:

A Canadian Family

Al's Polish-American Genealogy Research

Basics of Genealogy Reference

Begin with 'Craft'

Carole's Canvas

Chapter & Wurst

Colorado Reflections

Delia's Genealogy Blog

Detour Through History

Family Tales

Gena's Genealogy - High-quality, informative blogging. I especially like her new Sunday series, "Church Record Sunday," which explains what types of records are available for various churches, and where they can be found.

Genealogy Addiction

Genealogy By Ginger's Blog
and Genealogybyginger's Weblog

Genealogy Tip of the Day - Another good one by Michael John Neill. Also, he is starting to have some contests on his Famous People in the Census blog, with prizes! (Warning: they're not easy!)

Genealogy Traces

Genealogy, Middle Age & Life

Generations Gone By's Weblog


Geri's Genes Family History & Genealogy Research


Greta's Genealogy Bog

Historical and Genealogical Research

Jake Fletcher's Genealogy Project

Miles' Genealogy Tips - Miles has a great post on scanning old photos.

Raeburn Family Odyssey

Rambling Relatives

Still Digging for Roots

They that go down to the sea

View From the Bluffs

Who Will Tell Their Story? - This is Julie Cahill Tarr's new genealogy photography blog. We all know and love Julie from GenBlog!


Random Thoughts - a personal (non-genealogy blog) by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG.

thomas 2.0 - The Blog - This is not a genealogy blog, but you sure can use it to help you with all your online activities (including blogging). Authored by our very own Thomas MacEntee.


footnoteMaven said...

Wonderful news Miriam!

However it looks as if I will have to stop blogging and spend all my time reading.

Barbara at Chapter and Wurst is another Pacific Northwest blogger. We are friends in the real world.

Bless her she even attended the blogging class I taught.


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks Miriam for this post and the shoutout to thomas 2.0 The Blog.

Lots of sites I was unfamiliar with - I will probably do another recap over on Facebook Bootcamp for Geneabloggers on Saturday highlighting some of these.


Gini said...

Thank you Miriam for Welcoming me into the blog world (Ginisology). It does mean alot when you receive comments, I know it has to me being new and hoping other bloggers will enjoy my blog. I always enjoy reading your blog. I will add the others to my feed also and will be better about leaving comments.

Miriam Robbins said...

fM, good to know there's a small but growing group of NW genea-bloggers. We'll have to get together at the state conference!

Thomas, hopefully between you and me highlighting the newbies, we'll put together a comprehensive list. It's hard to keep up with all of them!

Gini, thanks for dropping by. I am enjoying reading your blog.