Monday, January 26, 2009

The 15th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy is Posted

Jessica Oswalt of Jessica's Genejournal has just posted the 15th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy. The theme for this carnival was "History Books," and four bloggers submitted some good historical reads, non-fiction and fiction, that focused on this part of the globe. My submission was The Zion Covenant Series. If you are looking for some interesting winter reading take a look at these posts.

Jessica writes:
The topic for the next edition will be a carousel, so all articles that focus on genealogy and Central and Eastern Europe will be accepted. Submissions are due on February 22, and the edition will be published on the 24th. You can submit your article here.

For those of you new to genealogy blogging or blog carnivals, a carousel edition is a "choose your own topic" one. I'd like to challenge those of you who have never submitted a post to the CCEEG to do so next time (think about that New Year's Resolution you made to participate in more carnivals)! Do you have ancestors who once lived in territory now governed by the following modern governments: Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Russia Federation, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina? If you don't have ancestors from these locations, have you ever visited any of them--or wanted to? Are you interested in any of the history or art or architecture or foods or cultures of these locations? Have you a fascination with any of the ancient empires, such as the Byzantine Empire or the reign of Peter the Great of Russia? See! I'll bet you've already come up with some good ideas for posts for the next carnival!

If you're feeling very brave, you might like to contact Jessica at her blog and sign up to be a carnival host for future editions. She's very busy during the school year with her college courses and really could use a hand. Let me tell you, being a carnival host is a great way to get a lot of readership to your blog (hint, hint)!

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