Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Findings: WILLIS and a Polar Bear Film

I really didn't have any time to do research this week, as it was my first full week of work (last week, there were three snow days, so I only worked Tuesday and Friday). Not only did I not have a lot of time to research, but I was often pretty tired when I returned home each afternoon. Additionally, I started teaching my latest Beginning Online Genealogy class on Thursday, a four-week class, for the Spokane County Library District.

While I didn't even get to some of the e-mails to which I intended to respond, I did hear from a newer genea-blogger, Andrea Christman. It seems we may be connected through the WILLIS line. If this pans out, Andrea will be the fourth genea-blogging cousin I've discovered since I started this blog nearly three years ago (Randy, T.K. and Bill are the others)!

I'm very excited to hear from Dale Nielsen that a film which will eventually be aired on PBS is in the works about the Polar Bear Division which fought in North Russia at the end of WWI (my great-grandfather served in that division)! Dale and I have also been corresponding about a Civil War photo he donated to the Archives of Michigan, which I believe features the two DICKINSON brothers of my 3rd-great-grandmother.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

This was my first full week back too. Your's was much more productive than mine!

Andrea Christman said...

Hi Miriam,

It is kind of cool to find my name on another blogger's site! Thanks for the mention--yes I am kind of new to blogging and the facebook thing; however, I don't think we have any common ancestry. I think I found your blog from someone else's and I have subscribing like crazy! I find that I am learning so much from the genealogy community. I had no idea this web 2.0 genealogy world existed and now I find that I don't enough time to explore it all AND work on family research :-)

Julie said...


Thanks for your high praises about my blog ideas. You were a big part of why I started blogging and I actually get a lot of ideas from you...I just put a different spin on them.


Miriam Robbins said...

I'm not sure my week so productive, Apple. I ended up very, very sore. I'm babying the arm and shoulder this week! How's the foot?

Andrea, I must have misunderstood about the Willis connection. Oh, well! We're all like family in the Genea-Blogging world, anyway!

Julie, I think the Genea-Blogging world is very synergetic. We are greater than the sum of our parts, and that is what I love about this community!