Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looks Like More Light Blogging Ahead

Ah, Life! Just when things are coming along smoothly, that ol' Irishman Murphy has to set his law in motion.

It appears that there will be more light blogging ahead. If you've been reading my blog since the new year, you'll notice there are only about four posts of substance; the rest are links to great posts written by other bloggers or to online articles. This is because life has been very busy the last few weeks: back to work business, birthday celebrations, a mini-family reunion last Sunday, and preparation for a couple of classes I'm teaching.

Now the monkey wrenches: my Internet service is not working at home, my desktop appears to have a virus or corrupted file, and I've either lightly sprained my right wrist or have touch of arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome (take your pick...it hurts no matter what). Thank goodness for my laptop and free Internet service at my public library! But yes, I do have two upcoming online classes, upon which I'm trying to put the finishing touches.

While I'd love to blog more, what time and use of my hand I do have needs to go toward my classes right now. I'll let you know when things are back to rights. I already had an appointment with my physician planned for Thursday morning, so I'll add my wrist to the list of items I want her to check out! Meanwhile, I appreciate your patience with my publishing your comments on my blog or answering any e-mails you may send (my workplace prevents me from accessing any personal e-mail accounts or my Blogger account).


Jasia said...

So sorry to hear about your painful arm Miriam. Boy do I know how aggravating that can be!

I can really identify with not having the time to blog as frequently as you'd like. I'm on the same page.

I hope your internet service gets well soon too!



Lee said...

You take of that wrist and any other necessities, and don't worry about anything else. Your fans aren't going anywhere.

Miriam Robbins said...

I've been thinking often of you, Jasia, as I know you "feel my pain," so to speak! Lee, I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your comments.

Thanks so much, ladies!