Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eight Generations of Mothers

Craig has a great post, "The Mothers of Me" on his blog, GeneaBlogie. It inspired me to write the following.

These are my children, Melissa Joy and Matthew Jon MIDKIFF. I'm so proud to be their mother!

I, Miriam Joy (ROBBINS) MIDKIFF, am the first generation of mothers in their family tree.

My mother, Faith Lillian (VALK) ROBBINS, is the second generation of mothers in my children's family tree.

My grandmother, Ruth Lillian (HOEKSTRA) VALK DeVRIES (1919 - 2001), is the third generation.

My great-grandmother, Lillian Fern (STRONG) HOEKSTRA (1897 - 1967), is the fourth generation.

My great-great-grandmother, Mary Lucy (WRIGHT) STRONG (1859 - 1946), is the fifth generation.

I have no more photos, but I can continue back a few more generations:

Ann Elizabeth (ROCKWELL) WRIGHT (1829 - 1860) may have died when her apron caught on fire while cooking.

Lucy (PARTRIDGE) ROCKWELL (1803 - 1893) lived to the ripe old age of nearly 90 years old.

Mehitable (BISHOP) PARTRIDGE (c. 1773 - 1838) is the earliest known ancestor whose mtDNA I share.


Craig Manson said...


Tim Agazio said...


What a great idea for a post! I can see the family resemblance from your kids to your grandmother...then the 2 "greats" look a lot alike. I love this post!


Anonymous said...


What a fantastic idea for a post in your blog. Very clever and interesting as well. Cheryl

Janice said...

What a lovely post! You are blessed to have found photographs that go that far back in time.


katie said...

I love seeing all the pictures! I think I'll do that next year, or perhaps for Father's Day :)