Thursday, May 17, 2007

Announcements Galore

To continue from my post of yesterday, many major announcements were recently made about a variety of partnerships that will benefit the genealogical world.

Rather than recap what everyone has already posted, I recommend visiting Dick Eastman's blog as well as Chris Dunham's synopsis.

I just finished teaching my Spring Quarter Online Genealogy class for the Community Colleges of Spokane, in which I spent a lot of time during the course having the students pencil in new URLs or change information altogether on the course syllabus and handouts. I explained to my students that the online genealogy world has made so many changes in the last six months that it is difficult for many of us to keep up. Add to it all the changes made this week, and I will definitely be revamping my entire curriculum to reflect the updates. Of course, I plan to print up nothing until right before my next course during Fall Quarter. Who knows what more great changes lie ahead?

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