Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some Civil War Soldiers Buried in Spokane, Washington

As I mentioned before, I photographed a few Civil War veterans' graves in Greenwood Memorial Terrace here in Spokane on Sunday. Here's a list of the veterans, with links to their memorial pages and grave photos on Find A Grave:

C. R. Bardwell - Company C, 6th Minnesota Infantry

His wife, Mary E. Bardwell.

Eugene S. P. Bolton - Company A, 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery

F. W. Fiske - Company C, 8th Minnesota Infantry

Martin Holston - Company B, 1st Illinois Cavalry - UPDATE 23 Sep 2007: Read his biography here.

Pvt. Albert B. Hurd - Company H, 6th Minnesota Infantry (He already had a memorial page and photo, unbeknownst to me, but I added the photo I took.)

Hiram O. Johnson - Company H, 9th Indiana Infantry

Pvt. Joseph Litterneau - Company F, 12th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry

William W. Mason - 39th Massachusetts Infantry

John W. Proctor - "U. S. Soldier"

Corp. Christian Sanders - Company F, 6th Wisconsin Infantry

His probable wife, Elizabeth Sanders.

Sgt. Walter Scott - Company K, U.S. Colored Troops Infantry (I'd love to find out more of his story! African-Americans have always been a definite minority in this community, especially at the time this man would have lived here.) - UPDATE: Craig Manson, at GeneaBlogie, has created a "brief study" of Sgt. Walter Scott's life here.

John C. Squires - Company I, 2nd New York Heavy Artillery

Henry S. Walker - Company L, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry

James B. Warren
- Company D, 18th Missouri Infantry

Musician Charles F. Wightman - Company C, 26th Illinois Infantry

I used the Sons of Union Veterans National Graves Registration Database to try to find more detailed information on these men. There wasn't much, but I did get some full names where I only found initials, a couple of dates (most of the stones did not list birth/death dates), and some explanations for some of the abbreviations.

These are but a handful of the 393 known Civil War veterans buried in this cemetery and the 803 total buried in this county. I want to know more about these men, and perhaps this summer I can do some research on them, or find their obituaries in the microfilmed newspapers in the downtown library.


Craig Manson said...

Okay, Miriam, thanks for wrecking my Wednesday morning! :)
You surely must have known that somebody simply would have respond when you said of Sgt Walter Scott that you'd like to know more of his story! So now I know a lot about Sgt Walter Scott from New Richmond, Ohio, who served with the 27th Regiment, United States Colored Troops, and ended up in Spokane. But it's too long for a comment, so you'll have to wait until I can get it all together!

Miriam Robbins said...

Glad to have sent you off an a tangent, Craig! I'm excited you discovered something about Sgt. Scott, and look forward to your post. I did a little digging this morning on Footnote for some of these gentlemen, but wasn't able to find anything on Walter Scott. Isn't this intriguing?

Lo said...

Miriam --- There are a few John C. Squires of Spokane, WA in my boyfriend's family tree (all originally from Connecticut.) I saw the findagrave entry you had... but am trying to figure out if that John C. Squires belongs in the family tree I'm documenting.

The middle John is John Calvin Squires, born between 1841-1844 and died on 12 Jun 1912 in Kitsap County. He was buried in Spokane, WA according to his death cert.

His son, John Calvin, was born on 24 Sept. 1878 in Connecticut, but was married and had a child (Wayne) in Spokane in 1903.

Any insight on how to determine if that headstone fits in with this family? Thank you!