Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What I'm Listening To These Days

Thomas Hamburger, Jnr., author of Harry McFry Investigates, tagged me a while back to list the seven tracks or albums I've been listening to lately, and then tag seven more people to carry it forward. Whew! I had to do some thinking, because I realized that recently, I hadn't been listening to much music. I normally listen in my car when I'm all alone, because a) my family has different musical tastes than I (I'm an unashamed country music lover); and b) I didn't drive alone much during Spring Break last week. So yesterday, after dropping my daughter off at school and driving to work, I paid a little more attention to what I listened to, and started making a list of my musical faves. It was really hard to make a selection, but here's what I nailed it down to:
  • Garth Brooks, The Hits
  • "Not a Day Goes By" by Lonestar
  • "While You Loved Me" by Rascall Flatts
  • just about any song by Toby Keith
  • "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)?" by Alan Jackson
  • "God's Will" by Martina McBride (reminds me of Brandon)
  • "One More Day" by Diamond Rio
I just got through participating in another meme, so rather than pass it forward to seven particular bloggers, I challenge any of you who wish to participate to do so!


Randy said...

I really enjoy the Moultrie Creek blog. But of all the great music out there why modern country?

Brian said...

Being a music addict myself, I thought I'd take you up on this. I posted mine at my site -

Bill Blunt said...

That's a great 'down at home' selection, Miriam! Thanks for picking up the tag!

Kind Regards


chumly said...

I just went blank on music for awhile. Nice to be back in the grooves so to speak.

Randy said...

My apologies for confusing this fine blog with another fine blog.

Miriam Robbins said...

Thanks for all the comments, gentlemen! I didn't think this would be of much interest to others; but I guess readers like to know the personal lives of the bloggers whose posts they read.

Randy, your question about why modern country could be answered: because I'm a modern country woman! ;-) Actually, I enjoy a variety of music, but this is the sort of thing I've been listening to LATELY, and I enjoy just singing along as I'm driving around town.