Saturday, July 03, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy: Challenge 26 - Google Books

Amy Coffin has created a wonderful weekly research/blogging theme for 2010 called 52 Weeks To Better Genealogy, which can be found at Geneabloggers. Each week she presents an idea to further your genealogical research and thus have something to blog about. This week, the theme is Google Books: "Take a stroll through Google Books. Most of us have probably used Google Books in our genealogy research, but have you really taken the time to explore what’s there? Look at the magazines and featured books. Check out the subjects offered. By taking the focus off research for a bit, your mind is open to see other ways this tool can be used."

I've been a fan of Google Books for a long time. In fact, when I wrote a post in November 27 about how I found mention of Alice Teddy, the Rollerskating Bear (trained by the brother of an ancestor of mine) in Google Books, I was contacted by Google and asked if I would be willing to show how Google Books can be used for genealogical research as part of their video series on YouTube. I happily complied, and you can see Researching Your (Ancestral) Roots below:

Obviously, Google Books has infinite possibilities in the realm of historical and genealogical research. Here are some ways that others are using Google Books in their areas of interest:

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