Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Finds and Follows: 10 July 2015

Articles and posts that caught my eye:

Helga Estby walked cross-country to try and save family farm by Stefanie Pettit at The Spokesman-Review - in 1896, a Norwegian immigrant from Spokane County and her 18-year-old daughter set out to walk across America from the Northwest to New York City to win $10,000 to save their family farm. Were they successful?

Two new coins to mark McCrae’s ‘In Flanders Fields’ by Gail Dever at Genealogy à la carte - Canada is honoring its most famous WWI veteran

Using Etsy for Genealogy by Thomas MacEntee at Geneabloggers - who knew? Using this "Ebay for handmade goods" site can yield some genealogy treasures!

Pacific Northwest Digital Collections Summit, Final Report Available by Nono Burling at Between the Lines (the Washington State Library blog) - "In March 2015, the Oregon and Washington State Libraries co-hosted a summit of approximately 50 library, archives, and museum professionals to explore avenues for increased collaborative digitization throughout the region." Includes an interactive map which shows you digital projects already underway in Washington and Oregon.

How to Find the Cheapest Office Supplies Online by Ryan Dube at MakeUseOf - because genealogists can never have enough genealogy supplies!

How To Stay Healthy Before, During, And After A Convention by Stephanie Lee at Lifehacker - SLIG and RootsTech 2015 were visited by plagues; here's how to avoid them in the future

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